Union of Initiatives for Educational Assembly


Through the UNION OF INITIATIVES FOR EDUCATIONAL ASSEMBLY we can collect thoughts, references and ambitions about what it means/has meant/could mean to become an individual through the educational experience. The public presentations of the UOIEA to date have focused on early education. This area of pedagogical practice underscores the enduring impact a lesson may have on the development of its pupil.

The UOIEA is engaged in the teaching and learning of all ages - how we put our worlds together or take ourselves apart in an effort to shape our minds and reform our behaviors.

If you would like to share your thoughts or resources related to this topic of cultivating individuality, or if you would like to make a course proposal to add to the curriculum for the UOIEA, please enroll.



The UOIEA was first conceived as a frame through which to consider the cultivation of individuality. Read about the history of the UOIEA to better understand the connection between Orphanhood and education.