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select works by Anna Craycroft from
Subject of Learning / Object of Study

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Developing Patterns Book Series

five volume set of children's board books by Anna Craycroft


handwoven wool felt rugs

Each of these rugs combines the teaching methods of Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel and Bauhaus to create unique textiles that serve both as wall hangings and floor mats for individual use - like mats for afternoon naptime.

Bench that is also a Shelf

Rotatable furniture constructed of interlocking slats of painted plywood.


A set of 18 curved modular painted plywood benches. These benches were originally designed to fit in the library reading room of the SoLOos exhibition.


Set of 9 chalkboxes with felt interior and chalk. Set of 2 eraser boxes with felt interior and hand constructed felt erasers. 


Colorful Sliding Chalkboards designed in the Shape of Montessori Grammer Symbols serve as the platform for written communication. 


Age Specific Reading - a course packet from the event Book Club at the SoLOoS exhibition. 

Wall Didactic

Wall Didactic diagramming the program schedule for the SoLOoS.