Union of Initiatives for Educational Assembly


a MODEL of a MODEL on generally assembling

Become the Delegate of an Idea, a Cause, a State of Mind

This course model can be applied to any area of study or discipline: all that is required is a few particpants and a consesus on the discipline that your group will study together. Each member chooses to represent one thread of thought in that discipline and researches their position accordingly. The discursive structure is something like that of the Model UN club. 

         1- Make a Flag which represents your delegation

         2- Research every possible text, exhibition, historical event,

             significant persons etc that consider or address that which will delgate.

         3- Assemble with other delegates and Share your Research.

         4- Listen to their presentations.

         5- When you consider what one another is saying,

             does it remind you of your own research, your own delegation, of yourself?

         6- Discuss your respective subject positions.


The emphasis in this course is on interpretation, exchange and identification. It doesnt matter what you talk about, as long as you believe in what you stand for.


In Fall 2010 Anna Craycroft applied this course format to a class on Art Theory. click here to download the syllabus/reading list. Search here in the image library to find a photo documentation of participation in the course by Nicola Trezzi.