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Syllabus » Pivotal Points in Parallel Growth 


Submitted by Anna Craycroft

PIVOTAL POINTS in PARALLEL GROWTH Is a movement workshop designed to illustrate the connections between human development and the formation of a crystal. We workshopped this collective movement in January 2011 at Ohad Meromi's exhibition Rehearsal Sculpture. The black space of the gallery was lined with a grid of red tape – the Crystal Lattice A musical score demonstrated the accumulation of points to generate a pattern, rhythm, melody. Singly we considered our bodies in units. Together we mapped the points through the space, measuring the units of the room with the units of our bodies – laterally, vertically, horizontally. On our bodies we highlighted units with white and traced the paths we traveled. Our trajectories were recorded by a camera. We were beams of light demarcating the crystal cleavage - collectively determining the crystal form.

For More information see http://yuoiea.com

Materials: a gridded space, a camera, and a body ready to move

dance department

all ages