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Tracy Williams Ltd 2011

Drawn To Repeating Patterns translates the abstract mathematics of crystal morphology into tangible realms of human experience. A set of sculptures and books invite audiences into a direct engagement with the structure of crystallographic forms. Hopefully in turn, they may also learn something about themselves.

The installation was designed as an expansion on Friederich Froebel's use of crystallography as the underlying framework of his 19th century Kindergartens. If these laws of geometry can be applied to shape how students think, what can they say about who we are?

What is the difference between the patterns of repetition in a crystals molecular lattice, and the patterns of behavior we repeat through our lives?

Four large rope sculptures inscribed the interfacial angles of crystals on the walls of the gallery. Two pieces of wooden furniture demonstrated how these planes form symmetries through rotational movement. Colorful patterned fabrics stretched across the windows overlapped in animated shifts of color and shape. Five books illustrated the connection between humans and crystal morphology exploring definitions of Pattern.